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Graphics Design

Crafting visually stunning graphics for print, web, and social media. #YourIdeasOurCreation

Organic Optimization

Improving website visibility and search engine ranking through organic SEO techniques. #Optimize


Developing cohesive brand identities and visual assets to enhance brand recognition. #InstantConnection

Search Visibility

Implementing strategies to boost online visibility and drive organic traffic to websites. #SearchMastery

Content Engagement

Creating compelling content to engage and captivate audiences across various platforms. #SocialSynergy

Airbnb Co-hosting

Providing professional co-hosting services for Airbnb hosts to manage listings effectively. #AirbnbCoHosting #HospitalitySimplified

Strategizing and executing effective online marketing campaigns to boost brand visibility and engagement.

Designing and building user-friendly WordPress websites tailored to your business needs.

Enhancing website visibility and ranking on search engines through strategic SEO techniques.

Creating engaging content and managing social media platforms to cultivate a strong online presence and foster audience interaction.

Overseeing all aspects of website maintenance, including updates, security, and performance optimization.

Expertise in managing web hosting and domain services to ensure seamless website operation.

Maximizing product visibility and sales on Shopify through strategic listing optimization techniques.

Leveraging AI tools to create compelling and relevant content tailored to your target audience.

Precise vector tracing for intricate graphic creation. Crafting scalable graphics for versatile applications.

Versatile graphic design across print, websites, and social media.

Clear and effective communication to understand and address client needs efficiently.

Editing and producing high-quality videos to engage and captivate your audience.

Handling quoting, invoicing, payment verification, and managing the printing process with precision and attention to detail.

Utilizing ERP Lingxing for efficient order fulfillment and inventory management, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


Amazon Product Graphics Designer

MegaRhino Marketing & Retail (www.megarhino.com)
2020, USA

I contribute to the development of Amazon product thumbnails, A+ content tailored to Megarhino’s brand partners, and the creation of sticker label print designs. Additionally, I designed the company profile for Megarhino based on their provided information.

  • Temporary role, part-time, flex time
  • Tasks: Amazon product thumbnails, A+ content, company profile, print designs
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Google Suite, etc.

Events Graphics Designer

Ainhoa‘s, Robina Maliwanag
2011 to present, Barcelona, Spain

I specialize in print design services for a Filipino client based in Spain. My work involves crafting visually appealing and effective print materials, including invitations, banners, flyers, souvenirs, and related items. Through thoughtful design, I aim to create engaging and culturally resonant pieces that align with the client’s preferences and objectives.

  • Part-time, flex time; remote work
  • Tasks: Creating event designs, preparing for printing
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Google Suite, Messenger

Shopify Web Designer

Innocn (https://innocn.com)
January 2024 to June 2024 Shenzhen, China

My role centers around various key tasks. These include content refinement, ensuring optimal HTML coding for metafields, and integrating user-friendly applications to enhance the overall website experience. In addition, I actively manage product listings, craft compelling narratives to highlight the key features to enhance product appeal and engage in strategic social media initiatives.

  • Remote, part-time (max 15 hrs/week), flex time
  • Tasks include optimizing websites, listing products, editing, updating inventory, troubleshooting, providing customer support, and fulfilling orders; creating content for promos and discount deals and its landing page.
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Shopify, Google Suite, MS Outlook, ERP etc.


Cebu City, Philippines
viber|whatsapp: +63.947.8050000
email: cs@goget.business


Micro-Business Owner, Online Printing Services

GoGet.Business Inc. (www.digitalprinting.ph)
Registered Brand Name to transact business: DigitalPrinting.Ph
2007 to present, Cebu City, Philippines 6000

Micro-Business Owner, Photobooth Service

Micro-Business Owner, Photobooth Service
Something Cute (https://goget.business/cebu-photobooth)
2021 to present, Cebu City, Philippines 6000

Micro-Business Owner, Photobooth Service

Micro-Business Owner, Airbnb Host
Ei Cebu (https://airbnb.com/eicebu)
2018 to present, Cebu City, Philippines 6000

Micro-Business Owner, Virtual Services

GoGet.Business (www.goget.business)
start-up, Cebu City, Philippines 6000

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Email: cs@goget.business

viber: +63.947.805.0000